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About Gypset Jenn


I’ve been blogging for six years and suffering chronic wanderlust since pouring over National Geographic maps as a child. I was born in Comox, British Columbia and I’m proud to call myself a small town girl. I only left Vancouver Island for the first time as a preteen, so you could say I got a late start to the travel game. But I’m doing my best to catch up.

It wasn’t until the age of 18 that I first boarded an international flight. It was one I would take alone, to pursue a European au pair contract. Relief washed over me when I was greeted by my German host family, that it hadn’t been a giant internet hoax. Getting paid to travel was a dream realized.

I enjoyed au pairing so much that I took a four-month au pair contract in Celle, Germany in 2010. Since then I’ve backpacked Beijing, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Vietnam in 2012, visited Paris (for a third time) with rookie travelling parents, gotten engaged in Las Vegas, attended IPW 2015 in Orlando, toured northern Spain with Trafalgar, got married in Cuba, and honeymooned in Peru and Bolivia.

My travel style is a bit rugged and I’m drawn to things that border on the whimsical, abandoned, offbeat or strange. I’m not particularly interested in luxurious things and if you were quiz me, I’d pick Burma over New Zealand and Guatemala over Jamaica.

I currently work my dream job as an online editor at My Passion Media. As publishers of Canadian Traveller, CT, and Explore magazines I gets to live and breathe travel.

What’s next? Rajasthan, India! in March for two weeks. <— Got advice? Drop a comment in the linked article.
Life is good!

And what is gypset? Gypset is the marriage of the words gypsy and jetset; a term brought to the mainstream by writer Julia Chapman. It’s an idea that communicates a carefree bohemian attitude, fashionable exoticism, and laid-back ease.

More than anything, I’d like GypsetJenn to encourage curiosity, inspire travel and offer like-minded travellers practical information.

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