Month: July 2012

Siem Reap: My Boutique Shopping & Dining Happy Place

Siem Reap is a dream. There’s a fantastic boutique culture where you’ll find trendy women’s fashion, hand fashioned silver jewelry, vintage clothing and crocodile accessories. Chic cafes vend macchiatos and witty postcards with bold type font that read: ‘Impossible. A word not known in Dubai.” Buy anything and everything under the sun at the Old Market. Tour its winding stalls, gawk at mystery meats, try to identify vegetables in the produce section and contemplate teas and spices to bring home. After the sun falls, head over to the Night Market and barter for silverware, sustainably made goods, name brand polo shirts and Kroma scarves. For an informative lesson on stone and wood carving, silk painting, lacquerware and other handicrafts head over to Artisans Angkor. This organization teaches disabled  persons the skills necessary to create the aforementioned, providing them with  a sustainable income. Not only are their goods sold for a good cause, they are top quality pieces. Flawed pieces are not sold but showcased, try to spot the defect. Artisans offers free guided tours of the workshops daily. It is mind …

Homage to Angkor Wat (PHOTOS)

After making empty promises to every tuk-tuk driver in Siem Reap we ended up renting an air conditioned minibus with a guide from a local travel agent. We had an entire day to pick and choose which temples we wanted to see in the complex. Group consensus determined that hiring a guide was worth every dollar. This is a new wonder of the world, people. Hire the damn guide and get something out of it.  Below is an album that encompasses Angkor Wat Temple, Bayon Temple (Smiling Face Temple) and Ta Prohm (Tomb Raider or Jungle Temple) Enjoy Angkor Wat in Photos Bayon Temple (Angkor Thom) in photos, Angkor Wat Ta Prohm Temple in Photos, Angkor Wat Have you been to Angkor Wat? Was it as magical to you, as it was to me? Let me know: comment below!  

Asia: What Is With All the Fish Spas? (Nasty!)

Feed the fish your dead skin? Why are we paying to feed your fish? I just can’t get on board with this but I respect that others can. Just don’t accost me (that’s looking at you Greg) to put my feet in these bacteria traps. That’s fish excrement where you’re soaking your festering, blister ridden foot in.