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Are Photo Shoots Becoming Our New Travel Souvenir?

I’ll be the first to admit, photo shoots aren’t commonplace among travelling flashpackers. So how in the hell did I end up dressed in a lengha, spinning in the courtyard of the Fairmont Jaipur?

It all started pretty innocently…

Have you ever heard of Flytographer? Basically it’s the Airbnb of photographers. Most people are using the service to capture marriage proposals in Paris or European holiday candids. Since Greg and I loved the wedding photos we had taken in Havana, we figured, why not do the same in India?

A month before we left, I did a quick search to see if there were any Flytographers listed in Rajasthan. Search result: zero.

Long story short, I linked up with Navin Varma, a Mumbai-based photographer who was up for a collaboration; one that meant he’d need to catch two planes (each way, no less) to get to Jaipur. Through my work contacts, I managed to connect with Fairmont Jaipur, which kindly let us shoot on their jaw-dropping property. (And then fed us breakfast!)

Now, I will say that my original vision for the photo shoot was a bit more cavalier than what actually played out.

Greg and I had hoped to do some shopping before arriving in Jaipur, but we ended up moving way too quickly through Rajasthan. Plus, the lenghas (Indian dresses) I liked cost more than the photo shoot. Wasn’t this just for fun? And what was I going to do with a lengha back in Canada?

Luckily, Navin quickly arranged to borrow some gorgeous clothing from one of his clients. Although, it was obvious he was disappointed to see Greg arrive in flip-flops. (Did I mention Navin took four flights for this?) Face palm.

Anyway, here’s the gorgeous result.

Photos by Navin Varma Photography
Fashions by Araaha
Location: Fairmont Jaipur 

What do you think? Are photo shoots extravagant or do they make for memorable souvenirs?

PS: Brides, if you love Navin’s work, he travels for weddings and would love to come to Canada. I promise, he’s more reasonable than you think. 

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