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Convinced I Was Had

Well, if indeed my apres-burn lotion is manufactured by Samui Sun. Did I just give good money to these folks for sunscreen and then more to recover from their inferior product. Yes, yes I did. Stupid farang.

72 hours later…

Spirits are lifted. This morning I was able to independently fetch my own breakfast from the dive resort restaurant. This was a notable feat as yesterday it was a failed endeavor, resulting in my running back to the room lightheaded and slightly nauseous. Shortly thereafter I developed a fever and chills which was alarming. But anyway, feeling better today following a 12 hour sleep. Face is pink but improving. Stomach and chest are still a shocking shade of red, despite pain subsiding significantly. If I may be so bold, I suspect I may be on the upswing.

As I have exiled myself to our room and really proven to be poor company, G has really embraced scuba diving. We had done our Open Water Dive tickets together, completing them the day before I managed to burn the shit out of myself. Since then, he’s completed his Advanced Open Water dive ticket (five dives which include skills for buoyancy, navigation, deep water diving to 30m, a shipwreck and a night dive). Neat right?! Today is his birthday (which I feel terrible about given my condition and hopefully I can improve enough to go out with the boys) and he’s on a full day trip to Sail Rock. If that means nothing to you, let me elaborate. Sail Rock has recently had sightings of whale sharks. Whale sharks are less like sharks and more like docile small whales (to my understanding), and it can be quite rare to spot one. So if there is any day to be treated to a sighting, perhaps a birthday would be most appropriate!

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