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What is With German Door Knobs? (And other expat questions)

It’s beyond my understanding as to why the house I’m living in, here in Germany, does not have exterior door knobs. They are simply handles, but they don’t turn. It probes one to ask why it is even there, given that it isn’t functional…The greatest consequence of this characteristic is, that a person must carry keys with her if she is going outside and intends to close the door behind her. I’m surprised that there isn’t a population of residents wandering the streets, accidently locked out of their houses…



  1. Leighan says

    I would be in trouble. They must have a lot of door stops.

    • I did notice that if you try to leave the door slightly ajar, it will eventually swing open. So it’s either shut, or wide open.

      I inquired as to whether these handle-knobs are a German, or European feature. HostMom couldn’t really answer but she was enthusiastic to demonstrate the superior security of it. I was oblivious to the fact that the lock has three deadbolts, differing from North American dead bolts. Interestingly enough, when locking the door from the inside, you use a key. Someone dropped by yesterday afternoon and Carmen went to greet the caller but soon realized that the door was still locked (from the inside) and then had to find her keys to unlock herself!

      Let it be known, that you don’t attempt to break into a Swiss bank, nor do you attempt to break into a German house. Duly noted.

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