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Not Loco for Coco

In Chiang Mai I thought it quintessential to drink from a coconut. After all, the beverage had been receiving a lot of celebrity endorsement back on the home continent. Plus, I had been on a twice daily diet of coconut smoothies and considered coconut milk a natural extension of this lifestyle. In retrospect this has just as much logic as ‘I like lemonade so maybe I’d enjoy lemon juice.’ Moreover, in the preceding year I had watched 15+/- seasons of Survivor (it’s a good show) and so maybe my perception of coconuts has been a little glamorized. 

One night we are at the Chiang Mai Night Market and low and behold there is a coconut stand. I poorly negotiate my first coconut and make off with my one pound beverage. It took about all of one sip to shatter any romantic notions I had about drinking directly from the nut. Mmm pulpy water. 

Since I had paid a small fortune ($2.50)some mileage needed to be squeezed out of the purchase, which prompted a photo shoot with our beverage-turned-prop.

Coconut milk, I’m over it.


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