Podcast Review: Postpartum Anxiety & the Motherhood Shift

Wellness hasn’t been a topic I’ve covered in the past, but recently I’ve been craving a way to amalgamate some of the health-focused materials I’ve been consuming. I’ve always had a habit of taking notes so I can revisit ideas that resonate with me at a later date. It occurred to me that I might launch a project within my website, whereby I’ll publish an abbreviated collection of themes, ideas and direct quotes from podcasts and books that I find impactful. I hope it will be especially useful for those who can’t find the time to read a book cover-to-cover or dig through a two hour podcast.  If something resonates with you, let me know by dropping a comment at the bottom of this page. Or, go ahead and make a recommendation if you think there’s a book, documentary or podcast you think I’d like and I’ll check it out. ••••• Source: Goop Media: Podcast Title: Postpartum Anxiety & the Motherhood Shift Who: guest Psychiatrist Catherine Birndorf, M.D. + Goop CCO Elise Loehnen Themes: mothering … Continue reading Podcast Review: Postpartum Anxiety & the Motherhood Shift