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Sleep Less in Seattle

I have an admission to make. Last weekend I went to America for the first time in my life. I grew up less than four hours from the border and it took me twenty-four years to get there. This was long overdue. 

G’s family had scored some Seahawks tickets and decided to make a weekend of it in Seattle. My second admission is that I can’t ever recall a time when I have sat through an entire televised football game! But I was thoroughly thrilled to a) tick another country off my list (making that six additions this annum); and b) visit Seattle which I always considered Vancouver’s American equivalent. I would soon discover that Seattle is more of a sibling than twin. Moreover G’s entire family was going and they were enthusiastic to spend a day touring Pike Place Market and other iconic Emerald City sights.

We left Vancouver Friday evening and crossed the border with little incident. G and I sheepishly entered the immigration office to have our passports stamped. I have a pretty impressive passport going on right now and despite feeling like an absolute tourist, it had to be done. The remainder of the evening bore witness to us shopping madly at outlet stores, checking into our hotel in Tulalip and then some of our party won big at the Casino while half of us decidedly did not. Saturday we toured around Seattle, snapped pictures, shopped at dined. Sunday morning we joined thousands and performed some mandatory pre-game tailgating. Much to our pleasure the Seahawks stomped the Dallas Cowboys. 

Things I love about Seattle & Washington

  • Ppremium outlet stores (Banana Republic & Coach & Lululemon)
  • Souk-like shopping at Pike Place Market
  • $5 bouquets of fresh flowers
  • A wealth of vintage publications and advertising
  • Harbour side city living
  • Stunning sunsets
  • Century Link Field
  • Brickwork façades
  • A touristic, overpriced Ferris wheel
  • Department store shopping
  • Tailgating and live sporting events are a lot of fun

Things I learned about Seattle:

  • The Space Needle is underwhelming in stature.
  • The line up for coffee at the flagship Starbucks was about 60 customers long. Locate a shop up a block for an expedited Seattle Starbucks experience.
  • An American propensity to drive in any lane regardless ignorant of speed. Folks, the Germans have it figured out, the left lane is for passing not dawdling.
  • Calorie counts in menus. 2,380 calories in a plate of Hard Rock Cafe nachos. I don’t want to know that!
  • Who the ’12th Man’ is.
  • Traffic post-game is horrendous.


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