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Homage to Angkor Wat (PHOTOS)

After making empty promises to every tuk-tuk driver in Siem Reap we ended up renting an air conditioned minibus with a guide from a local travel agent. We had an entire day to pick and choose which temples we wanted to see in the complex. Group consensus determined that hiring a guide was worth every dollar. This is a new wonder of the world, people. Hire the damn guide and get something out of it.  Below is an album that encompasses Angkor Wat Temple, Bayon Temple (Smiling Face Temple) and Ta Prohm (Tomb Raider or Jungle Temple) Enjoy Angkor Wat in Photos Bayon Temple (Angkor Thom) in photos, Angkor Wat Ta Prohm Temple in Photos, Angkor Wat Have you been to Angkor Wat? Was it as magical to you, as it was to me? Let me know: comment below!  

Asia: What Is With All the Fish Spas? (Nasty!)

Feed the fish your dead skin? Why are we paying to feed your fish? I just can’t get on board with this but I respect that others can. Just don’t accost me (that’s looking at you Greg) to put my feet in these bacteria traps. That’s fish excrement where you’re soaking your festering, blister ridden foot in. 

One Week in Siem Reap (I Think We’re Stuck?)

Oops! We loved Siem Reap and so we stayed a week! And it took us five days before we could compose ourselves and get to Angkor Wat. I can’t say enough great things about Siem Reap. Perhaps it was a relative return to civilization (after Laos) but the social atmosphere, availability of commodities, amazing markets, handicrafts, charm, cafes, sense of social sustainability, friendly locals and curb appeal really wowed. Half pipes on roof top bars, buzzing Pub Street, food alleys, $1 tuk-tuk rides, corn on the cob stands, French bakeries, $9.00 bottles of Smirnoff Vodka and of course, Angkor What?! (and Angkor Wat). Riddle me this, what isn’t there to love about Siem Reap? That’s rhetorical.  We had arrived in Siem Reap just before midnight after a 14 or so hour bus ride and we eager to catch some zzz’s. We relocated the next day to an unremarkable hotel, located to the immediate left of the roof top bar entrance. After a few days of waking up to incredibly loud construction within the building we …

We Just Arrived in Cambodia and It Was Sketchy AF

Cambodia, what a trip. After leaving Thailand I was eagerly looking through Laos to the day when we would arrive in Cambodia. I wasn’t discounting Laos, but with a turbulent modern history and wealth of intrigue into the Wild Wild East of Asia, how could I not be chomping at Kampuchea’s proverbial bit? Getting to Cambodia from Laos, is described as uncomfortable at best.  From Vientiane our party decided that a midway pit stop would be needed to break up the 26+ hour bus ride to Siem Reap. Described as the transportation hub of southern Laos, Pakse was chosen as the destination of choice. What a shit hole. We boarded an overnight bus, much to Greg and I’s distaste (refer to the Koh Phangan entry) but were persuaded by our friends in the end. Part of me was eager to prove to them, in fact, how awful overnight bus travel really is (despite their glowing affection for it). The overnight sleeper bus was lined by double-wide bunk beds welded into its interior, with a slim …