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2 Weeks in Thailand – Where Should I Go?

“I only have two weeks in Thailand, where should I go?” I’m a cheerleader for Thailand; what can I say, once upon a time I spent 45 days there. It wasn’t enough. Of all the countries, I’m most frequently asked by friends and family about Thailand. The number one question is, “Where should I go?” It’s an easy enough question to answer…when time and money aren’t a consideration. However, most travellers don’t have that luxury. With precious few weeks of paid annual holiday, we must make concessions. Compromise can be a bitter pill to swallow when the destination is as distant as Thailand. Admittedly, it is disappointing to travel so far and see so little of a destination, but an overzealous itinerary can ruin a trip. To answer the question, here are three itineraries for a two week trip to Thailand. Northern Thailand or Southern Thailand? Most international travellers arrive in Thailand by way of Suvarnabhumi Airport, a.k.a. Bangkok International Airport. Located smack in the middle of the country, it’s practical for traveller on a two week holiday to …

Homage to Angkor Wat (PHOTOS)

After making empty promises to every tuk-tuk driver in Siem Reap we ended up renting an air conditioned minibus with a guide from a local travel agent. We had an entire day to pick and choose which temples we wanted to see in the complex. Group consensus determined that hiring a guide was worth every dollar. This is a new wonder of the world, people. Hire the damn guide and get something out of it.  Below is an album that encompasses Angkor Wat Temple, Bayon Temple (Smiling Face Temple) and Ta Prohm (Tomb Raider or Jungle Temple) Enjoy Angkor Wat in Photos Bayon Temple (Angkor Thom) in photos, Angkor Wat Ta Prohm Temple in Photos, Angkor Wat Have you been to Angkor Wat? Was it as magical to you, as it was to me? Let me know: comment below!