Month: January 2016

Avoid a Destination Wedding Meltdown – Make These Back Up Plans

  Planning a destination wedding sight unseen is tough. I had never been to the Caribbean, (let alone Cuba), never been to an all-inclusive, never attended a destination and never been married before. That’s a lot of firsts! With so many moving pieces and only so much you can plan from arm’s length, planning your back up plan is imperative. Here are some strategies to avoid wedding day melt downs. Back up: Beauty Is there a salon at the resort? Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Learn how to do your own make up – just in case. A bridal look may differ wider between countries. Drop by Sephora or MAC before leaving Canada and have them teach you and a bridesmaid how to do your eyeshadow and fill your brows. (Video tape it if needed.) If you’re getting married in a hot destination enquire about primer, long wear foundation and setting powder. Skip matte lipstick in lieu of sheer or do what I did for an unfussy look: use a light coloured lip …

13 Vintage Posters Travel Junkies Will Swoon For

Isn’t the Golden Age of Travel a romantic notion? A time when railways wound through even the most distant corners of the earth. Transoceanic flights were plucking wealthy travellers from the capitals of Europe to exotic places; the likes of the ‘Orient’ (a term discouraged today) and far flung Pacific islands. Step back in time and imagine the world advertised through these colourful posters – a far cry from the hyper social world we live in now. All images are courtesy of the Boston Public Library Flickr account

5 Considerations Before Deciding to Wed in Cuba

Our wedding bells will be ringing this month in Varadero. Are you considering getting married in Cuba? Here are five destination-related challenges I’ve run into while planning my own Cuba wedding.   1. Low internet accessibility Some estimates say as few as 5% of the population is online. (These estimates likely don’t account for those who are accessing the web via remote servers.) The implication? Sourcing vendors outside of the resort proves to be a challenge. Want to shop local photographers or DJs? Close to impossible. Searching Instagram isn’t much help either. 2. Lack of choice For unfussed couples this is a blessing; you’ll enjoy planning a wedding at arm’s length. If you can’t stand not knowing what type of floral arrangements will adorn your reception then you may be driven mad. At this point I’ve simply communicated the colour scheme I prefer and been told it’ll all be arranged when I arrive. We’re placing our trust in the fact that these resorts host weddings all the time; they’re the experts. What I am doing to ensure …