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13 Vintage Posters Travel Junkies Will Swoon For

Isn’t the Golden Age of Travel a romantic notion? A time when railways wound through even the most distant corners of the earth. Transoceanic flights were plucking wealthy travellers from the capitals of Europe to exotic places; the likes of the ‘Orient’ (a term discouraged today) and far flung Pacific islands. Step back in time and imagine the world advertised through these colourful posters – a far cry from the hyper social world we live in now. All images are courtesy of the Boston Public Library Flickr account

Things Went a Little Sideways in Nha Trang, Vietnam

He then mentioned how his family had seen a girl defecating near the beach after dark… Nha Trang, beach side city where American soldiers used to holiday. With that knowledge I expected it to be a bit more bumpin. Perhaps there’s a peak season that we weren’t a privy to, but it seemed to me that there was less than a full wind in the sail. The beaches were big and clean enough though, and there was ample space to sink into a beach chair. We had great weather and I was able to gain quite a bit of color under the hot sun.   Upon arrival we headed to the bustling Backpacker House but it was full, so we checked in to a hotel across the street. Props to the Red Apple Restaurant. I enjoyed both my breakfast and dinner there. Lanterns also served a good meal. And as long as on the topic, I would not recommend ordering a Bolognese from the Italian restaurant just down the street. It was ironically quite spartan.    The …