Year: 2019

Melia Varadero, Cuba: Art Gallery Destination Wedding Reception Venue Report

Over the last six months I’ve received a handful of requests from brides-to-be, asking to describe Melia Varadero’s art gallery. As I’ve mentioned before, a lack of Internet access presents all sorts of obstacles for foreign couples trying to plan their Cuba wedding. I didn’t find Melia Varadero’s wedding coordinators to be especially interested in my wedding – until I arrived in destination. Now that I have been working in travel media for a few years – on both the leisure and trade (agent) side – I know that there are teams of people who work for travel brands (like Melia) whose jobs are solely to help advisors sell their product. These people are called brand development managers, or BDMs for short and they are incredibly resourceful. I find it difficult to believe that Melia is willfully neglectful of their bridal clients so I’m going to chalk it up to that pesky Cuban embargo and unreliable Internet. However, all this means I get to connect with brides who are planning their Melia Varadero weddings which …

Melia Varadero Destination Wedding Extra Service Costs

I’ve noticed the URL I previously posted which listed the extra costs associated with weddings at Melia Cuba (but also Paradisus and Sol) no longer works. No doubt the resort prefers to field email inquires about wedding costs rather than post them publicly. Luckily, I saved a copy. Be mindful that these prices are updated as of 2015. Click here or scroll below: 4Extras_EN