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Saigon – Good – But I didn’t Fall Into Its Rhythm

After stores close the owners place small plastic chairs on the sidewalks and sell Beer Saigon for 10,000VND ($0.50), the cheapest in SEA. This post should be a little shorter than the following entries for Vietnam.   We crossed into Vietnam from Phnom Penh rather uneventfully. The same couldn’t have been said for the three older American women on our bus. They were kicked off just before departing because they had obtained e-Visas and our border point was not one of the ones that could accept them. They were pretty miffed about where to get a visa, asking a British bloke where he got his Vietnamese visa. Her: “Where did you get your visa?” Him: “Uh, at a travel agent.” Her: “Which travel agent?” Him: “Uh, any travel agent. Like literally, any travel agent.”   Also of note was the skeletal Frenchman who sat beside GTO. Shortly after departure he began to bust up a small bag of grass, tossing stems onto the floor and transferring the rest to a smaller bag. GTO informed me that …

Human Sardines in a Tin Can Van

Returning to the Cambodian mainland, we spent our final days in Sihanoukville with Steve and Angela before they jetted off to India. We decided to stay on Occidental Beach rather than Serendipity. Unbeknown to us at the time, is that they are the same beach