Au Pairing, Germany
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Late Night Inspiration

11:11pm (aka: 23:11)*

*I.e. later than I should have gone to bed already

Introductions are overrated and in the best interest of me going to sleep soon (I’m sick!) we’re going to make fast friends. “Hi, I’m Jenn. I’m a Canadian spending my Summer ‘break’ in Celle, Germany.” [Vigorous handshake here.] Long story short, I am au pairing for a phenomenal Germany family in this romantic, yet sleepy, city. This is my second au pair experience. Three years back I spent 7.5 months in the very romantic, yet sleepy village of Bonaduz, Switzerland.

I will admit, I am at a slight disadvantage at present. My German is less than stellar, though tolerable to most who dare converse with me. This brings about my first observation (which was inspired by a friend). North Americans are language snobs. We know that the international language is English, so why strain one’s cerebellum when everyone in Country X can understand you just fine? Certainly, they must want to practice their English skills – oder nicht? Unglaublich! But of course, you can’t blame us for our attitude either! Consider the Mother nation, hell, consider the continent! We have no need to learn another language; its not pertinent.  We’re like herbivores in an ecosystem without predators. We have evolved to become flightless birds. Throw a fox in the mix and we’re toast!

***I’m falling asleep…

To be continued…

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