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I Kick Myself | Things I Didn’t Do

It’s almost as if when you flashpack, backpack or travel for an extended period of time, you have a license to be the Anti-Tourist. There’s no pressure to run around like mad and see all of the necessary attractions. In my opinion, this is part of the reason that we were cavelier about some of the sights we missed.

We Visited Tonle Sap Fishing Village Near Siem Reap

Tonle Sap is the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia. Its significant fluctuation in water levels yields a large flood plain and bountiful biosphere. Wikipedia also informs me that the lake is unique because the water flow changes directions twice annually. We decided to make a day trip to a fishing village on the lake’s edge. Residents live on the water because water levels rise more than 9 metres during the wet season! We hired a car and guide from a tour agency which deposited us at the wharf, twenty or so minutes from down town Siem Reap. The group of us boarded privately boarded a boat and headed down the canal to the floating village. Rain clouds threatened overhead but we were delighted when a smaller boat approached ours and child hopped on board. She promptly produced a cooler of local beer and made an easy sale. As quickly as she appeared she hopped back and disappeared into the boat traffic.¬† Our first stop was a restaurant-souvenir¬†shop-ecological centre. Before we could step off …